Spring '18 Season Info


SVC will offer 6 divisions for the Spring '18 season, D1 thru D6. D1 is SVC's most skilled division, and D6 is SVC's Novice or Beginner's division. If you are not certain which division would best suit your volleyball abilities, please see the Volleyball Experience matrix below. It is SVC's intent that each division compete separately during the regular season and playoffs, however, it may be necessary to have a combined regular season due to enrollment.

Div Volleyball Experience Offensive Strategies NAGVA USAV
D1 NAGVA, USAV, College - Varsity 5-1, 6-2 A-AA A-Open
D2 NAGVA, USAV, College - Intramurals 5-1, 6-2 BB BB
D3 NAGVA, USAV, College - Intramurals, City Leagues 5-1, 6-2 B-BB B-BB
D4 NAGVA, College - Intramurals, City Leagues 5-1, 6-2 B B
D5 NAGVA & SVC Player, Beginning Understanding of Rotations & Offensive Concepts Int 4-2, 6-2 B-Rec B-Rec
D6 College & High School - P.E. Class Middle Set Novice Rec

Competition Schedule

Seattle Volleyball Club's Spring '18 regular league season will begin on Wednesday, May 2 and concluding on June 13 with the last 2 weeks being playoffs. 

Div Day Time Team Capacity Location
D1, D2 & D3 Wednesdays 7:00-10:55pm 8 Each Division The Lair
D4, D5 & D6 Wednesdays 7:00-10:55pm 8 Each Divsion The Lair
League Championships Last 2 weeks of Wed nights 7:00-10:55pm 48 The Lair

Player & Team Fees 

Player Fee is $65
includes $5.70 in WA State Sales Tax)

Team Fee = No Team Fees for Spring '18

Student Player Fee is $45
(includes $3.80 in WA State Sales Tax, 
Must email Class Schedule of at least 12 credits for approval, 10 credits for Master's Programs).

Player & Team Fee payments can be made either via the SVC Website or via Check. Payments are NOT to be made at the gyms. All divisions will be at capacity this season, teams will be confirmed in order of full payment of Team and Player Fees.

Captains & Team Entry

A captain's intent to form a team for the season is confirmed once the team roster contains at least 7 players by the deadline of Saturday, April 28. Please advise your players that their information needs to be correct in their profile, name, address, phone #, and birth date. Please create your teams online immediately so we can gauge division interest levels. Please be sure to brush up on the Division Eligibility rules, which are part of the SVC League Rules & Regulations.  All Team Rosters will be reviewed by the Competition Manager to ensure they meet Division Eligibility requirements. 


SVC Pre-Season Open Gyms

SVC will hold Open Gym for all divisions leading up to the start of the Spring '18 season. Please see TheLairCourts.com for details on Open Gyms!


Event # Courts




See The Lair Courts Website

SVC Open Gym 

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