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Open Gyms

Fieldhouse USA

1101 Outlet Collection Way #1275

Auburn, WA 98001

Kraken Volleyball Club has regularly scheduled Open Gyms and post the information on their Adult Open Gym page. Open Gyms are also posted on their Facebook Page. Please see links below. 

Kraken Volleyball Club - Adult Open Gym Webpage

Kraken Volleyball Club - Facebook Page




Generally there is a 15 minute warm up period, followed by game play. 

Forming Teams

Teams are formed informally by the players present. It is preferable that there be 7 players to a team in order to keep the # of teams waiting off to a minimum. Players will arrive during the night after competition has begun. It is preferable that single players first join teams that have less than 7 players. If there are players without a full team, after filling in on teams with less than 7 players, the players will form a new team and be added to the end of the Team Rotation. Teams with less than 6 players can then pickup players that are exiting a court. In order to maximize the amount of playing time, there should only be 1 partial team per night.    

Team Rotation

Kraken Volleyball Club observes a 2 game on then off rotation, in that each team will play 2 complete games, and then exit the court no matter if they won or lost, except in the case of the 1st game of the night, where the loser will exit the court at the completion of the 1st game, and the winner will play the next game. Teams exiting the court will then be added to the end of the Team Rotation. 

Courts & Level of Play

Kraken usually dedicates 5+ courts for volleyball Open Gym at the Fieldhouse. The level of play can vary from night to night, however there is generally a court for every level of play. 

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