Division Definitions

Division 1

Division 1 is SVC's most skilled division, with players who compete in NAGVA's and USA Volleyball's AA & A divisions.  D1 players have advanced volleyball abilities and compete at the highest level. 

D1 teams have no limitations on Team composition.  Because of safety concerns, SVC players with a rating of less than 9 are not allowed to participate in Division 1.

Division 2

D2 teams have similar team composition rules to those in D3, but have proven their ability to compete at the top of the old SVC D2 level with SVC League finishes in the upper 1/2 of previous D2 SVC League Seasons. D2 teams may not have a player holding an SVC rating higher than a 19 or NAGVA BB, whichever is higher. D2 teams are expected to maintain a roster with at least 3 of their players holding at least an SVC rating of 12 or NAGVA BB, and no player with an SVC rating of less than a 6. For the Winter 2018 Season, teams must have qualified by finishing in the top 1/2 of the Fall 2017 League Season & End of Season Championship Tournament. 

Division 3

D3 teams may not have any player rated higher than an SVC 11, or NAGVA B, whichever is higher. D3 teams are expected to maintain a roster with at least 3 of their players holding an SVC rating of an 8 or better. Teams in D3 are expected to play at a level similar to that of NAGVA B, where the team has a structured offensive strategy and utilizes all 3 allotted touches during a rally. 

D3 is defined as a skill learning/developmental division made up of players who have limited applied volleyball skills, or are not playing at the intermediate level in 2 or more of volleyball's basic skills:  Blocking, Passing/Defense, Setting or Hitting.

Division 4

D4 is SVCs Novice or Beginner division. If you are not certain which division would best suit your volleyball abilities, please see the Volleyball Experience matrix below. It is SVC's intent that each division compete separately during the regular season and playoffs, however, it may be necessary to have a combined regular season due to enrollment.

D4 teams may have only 1 player with a rating higher than an SVC 7, and not to exceed an 8.  Participation in D6 is at the discretion of the Competition Manager.  D6 is defined as a recreational division made up of beginner/novice level players.  D5 players may have very limited experience playing volleyball and are not yet able to perform ball control skills at the NAGVA B level.


Volleyball Experience

Offensive Strategies



D1   NAGVA, USAV, College - Varsity 5-1, 6-2 A-AA A-Open


NAGVA, USAV, College - Intramurals, City Leagues

5-1, 6-2




NAGVA & SVC Occasional Player, Entry Understanding of Offensive Concepts 6-2 B B


College & High School - P:E Class 

Middle, 6-2



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